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Stonemad stonemasons is a company that is all about bringing five generations of knowledge and experience to Canberra and its surrounding regions. The company founder, and Master Stone Mason, Steven Loughrey, hails from Ireland and comes from a family that have been stonemasons for almost a 100 years.

One hundred years of knowledge

We take great pride in our work and understand that stone masonary must not only look good but be practical as well. We understand the value we can add to your home and we’re especially careful to ensure high standards of craftsmanship are maintained.

Welcome to Stonemad Stonemasons

If you’re considering a fresh feature for your home or business, why not have it completed using natural stone? As time-served stonemasons in Canberra with decades of experience in crafting stone into beautiful, practical fixtures, we are able to create a wide variety of different stone installations in your home, yard or garden. A family firm originating from Ireland, we are descended from a long line of stonemasons. When you use us for your masonry job, you’re enlisting the services of traditional stonemasons who draw on a mixture of classical and contemporary techniques. This enables us to deliver projects of all shapes, sizes and styles.

What type of projects can we carry out?

From the stone cladding Canberra residents like on their properties through to stone fireplaces and stone outdoor features Canberra people install to give their homes a stunning accent, we offer a complete selection of premium project options. If you need stone flagging and paving Canberra customers know will offer an attractive, extremely durable surface, we’re here to help. As well as creating structural retaining walls and feature stonework, Canberra residents also commission us to create stone garden beds, stairs/steps, pizza ovens and a selection of other outdoor features.

Why use stone?

Stone has a number of significant advantages over other materials:

  • It’s very durable.
  • As it’s a heavy material, once in position, it’s very stable and able to support enormous weights without a problem.
  • Provided it’s properly laid and treated, stone will outlast almost any other material – it’s no coincidence that the most ancient structures still standing were constructed from stone!
  • Stone isn’t just beautiful: it’s also unique. If you want a fireplace or cladding which has an appearance that’s individual to your property, stone is the way to go.
  • Stone is pretty much immune to damp, biological hazards, splinters, scratches and other marks.
  • As a natural material, stone works beautifully in almost any setting. It’s also timeless: you can alter the decor dozens of times, and stone will still provide a beautiful accent.

We are able to complete commissions for projects which require marble, sandstone, bluestone, slate, wee jasper and nimmitabel. As well as the stone-pitching Canberra properties need, we can also provide stone repair and restoration Canberra clients require for existing fixtures and installations.

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