Stone Cladding Canberra

Enhance the visual appeal of your home or office exteriors with thin stone wall cladding. Lightweight and made of 100 percent natural stone, thin stone cladding looks attractive while being easy on your pocket. Stone Mad is your local thin stone cladding expert in Canberra. Get in touch with us for high quality stone cladding requirements.

What are the benefits of thin stone cladding?

Thin stone cladding offers both visual and structural benefits. Since it’s made of natural stone, it gives an elegant and beautiful visual appeal to your house.

At Stone Mad, the stone slabs that we use for cladding are lightweight and just 1 inch thick. So, they do not increase the load on the structure drastically. They can be fixed directly to the wall and do not require additional supports underneath. Thin veneer stone cladding saves you almost 25 percent costs when compared to using heavier stones for the cladding.

When you install thin stone cladding, you don’t need to fix expensive lintels over doors and windows. This helps you save money. Besides, more light streams through the windows, making your home look bright and sunny.

Thin stone cladding and stacked stone need very little maintenance and you don’t need to spend money to paint the external walls every few years. With this architectural ornamentation, you can add long lasting beauty for your building. Moreover, the market value of the house increases when it is clad with beautiful thin stones.

Why Stone Mad for thin stone cladding?

Stone Mad uses the best quality stone for thin stone cladding. With excellent workmanship as our forte, we ensure of a job that will add visual appeal while being structurally strong and stable.

Our team of skilled stonemasons considers all your requirements and delivers work that exceeds your expectations.

Contact us today or call 0415720726 for a free quote on thin wall cladding.