Stone Fire Places / Outdoor Stone Features Canberra

Stone has proved to be one of the best building materials for functional and ornamental elements in homes. At Stone Mad stonemasons, we design and build different types of indoor stone fireplaces and outdoor stone features.

Whatever your requirement, be it a stone pizza oven, stone feature blade walls, stone letterboxes, stone waterfalls and fish ponds or stone seats and tables, Stone Mad can build it exactly as you want.

Depending on your requirement, we work with varied types of stones, including sandstone and bluestone. By incorporating perfect designing and construction techniques, we build strong and everlasting stone structures. So, if you are looking for sturdy sandstone and bluestone letterboxes, contact us for an initial discussion and free quote.

Why choose stone?

The main reason for the popularity of stone is its strength, durability, low maintenance and aesthetic appeal. Besides, stone fireplaces are eco-friendly and help in conserving energy. That’s because stone retains heat and warms the room more effectively.

In addition to being highly functional, stone features add timeless beauty to a space. The elegance of beautifully designed fireplaces and any ornamental structure is unmatched. Moreover, the elegance lasts centuries because stone weathers beautifully and gets better with age.

Stone Mad for stone structures

Our Stonemasons understand your requirement and come up with designs that meet your expectations. We build beautifully hand crafted stone elements as well. From stone selection to construction, and from modern contemporary designs to magnificently traditional ones, we ensure work of the highest standards.

Be it indoors or outdoors, the works produced by Stone Mad will become the pride of the place. Get in touch with us to know more about our stone indoor and outdoor features, or Call 04 1572 0726 for a free quote.