Stone Flagging and Paving Canberra

Are you thinking of building a retaining wall in your premises? Consider erecting a stone retaining wall for the numerous benefits they offer.

At Stone Mad stonemasons, we specialise in building stone retaining walls of different types including random rubble stone walls, rock walls and dry joint rock walls using the best construction techniques. Besides ensuring structural stability and strength, our retaining walls Canberra service also ensures that the retaining walls are visually attractive.

Why stone retaining walls?

One of the biggest benefits of stone retaining walls is their strength. They stand the test of time and extreme climatic conditions. When compared to the retaining walls built using timber and sleepers, the ones built with stone are stronger and more durable.

Stone retaining walls have a better visual appeal as well since they bring in a very natural and ornamental look to the landscape. Best of all, stone retaining walls do not require much maintenance.

Since natural stones are available in several colours, you can take your pick while building retaining walls. Also, since there are different forms of installations, such as surface mortared joints, recessed mortared joints and dry stacked, you can choose one that suits your landscape.

Stone Mad for retaining walls

Numerous things need to be kept in mind when designing and building a retaining wall. Besides being structurally strong, they need to have excellent drainage system. They need to be able to withstand extreme water pressures caused during heavy rains and floods.

At Stone Mad, we use deep raked mortar joints to make the wall stronger and more durable. Since retaining walls also need to be attractive because they are a part of the landscape, we come up with unique ideas using bluestone with black mortal joints. This adds colour and timeless beauty to the wall, while offering stability and strength.

With years of experience in erecting retaining walls in different terrains and climates, we have the expertise and skill to ensure that the attractive walls we build for you stand the test of time.

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