Stone Repair and Restoration Canberra

Stone Mad Stonemasons is your one stop destination for stone work installations, restoration and repairs. Over the years in service, we have worked on numerous stonework restoration and repair works, and have successfully made them look as good as new.

Restoration and repair is crucial for safety

Old stone walls can be dangerous if the joints between the stones wear out or if stones become loose. The risk of the structure collapsing increases manifold. Retaining wall cracks can cause the wall to crumble during minor water flows as it loses structural strength. Weathered mortar joints also pose high risks. Such damages are the “weakest link in the chain” that ultimately causes the collapse of the structure.

Whether it is crumbling old stone walls or retaining wall cracks, we at Stone Mad are equipped to repair and restore various types of stone structures. Get in touch with us if you notice joint movements, loose stones or cracked mortar joints in your stone structures. Our expert team of certified stonemasons ensures that the structure is restored at the earliest.

Stone Mad for high standard stone restoration and repair

Restoration and repair works are always a challenge. The most important aspect is to ensure the structural stability of the wall. Equally important is to reinstate its original visual appeal. At Stone Mad stonemasons, we specialise in restoring and repairing stone structures and ensure that they regain their structural strength and visual appeal.

Before we begin restoration or repair, we conduct a thorough reconnaissance of the area in order to understand the construction pattern and nature of the building. Based on the initial study, we come up with restoration or repair plans that can be implemented within minimum costs and time, while reinstating the previous beauty and strength of the structure.

Contact us today to breathe in new life to old stone structures. Call 04 1572 0726 for a no-obligation quote.