Stonepitching Canberra

Stonepitching is all about embedding large stones into the ground with their flat side up in order to create an even slope or level surface. It is highly useful and appropriate for grounds that are steep and experience excessive pressures due to natural and manmade forces.

At Stonemad Stone Masons, we specialise in offering reliable stonepitching Canberra services. Over the years in service, we have worked on numerous surfaces used for varied purposes at various locations. We take pride in our huge base of satisfied customers.

Why is stonepitching important?

More specifically, stonepitching is a technique used to build a sturdy and solid stone surface meant to withstand extreme pressures caused by usage pattern, water flow and erosion. In addition to its structural stability in extreme conditions, stone pitching also needs to be designed in a way that blends in with the surrounding landscape and enhances the overall visual appeal of the region.

Usually, this technique is used to stabilize slopes. Large flat surfaced stones are laid and cemented together in order to prevent erosion on the slopes and in the process, stabilize them. Stonepitching can also be used on level surfaces to create manoeuvrable paths.

Why us?

When it comes to stonepitching, planning is crucial. Stonepitching is a challenging job because of the uneven terrains and slopes on which the work needs to be done. Heavy machinery is involved in the process. We need to consider, thoroughly analyse and evaluate the landscape, terrain, usage, ground stability, accessibility and the other requirements.

Considering the technical demands of the job, it is crucial that the stonepitching Canberra service you hire be thoroughly aware of all the aspects related to it. At Stonemad Masons, we have that expertise. Our team specialises in stonepitching for floodways, stone beaching and and headwalls.

One of the highlights of our work is our excellent workmanship. We focus equally on the structural strength as well as the visual aspect of stonepitched surfaces.

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